My 1 Year “Juiciversary”


I don’t usually drink my fresh juice out of an oversized wine glass but today was a special occasion. This day mark’s one year since I added juicing to my daily regimen.  I started out kind of in the dark but it has grown to a specific recipe of 20 oz. that I make every morning and drink twice a day. I learned about juicing from Chris Wark’s videos (of “chrisbeatcancer”) at a time when my oncologist was recommending yet another surgery & biopsy to determine if my lymphoma had transformed into a more aggressive blood cancer (which it is known to do). I was looking for something that would take my detoxing & health routine to the next level (Chris refers to this as “overdosing on nutrition”). Somedays I wake up and don’t want to do it. I get lazy and complacent like everyone else. However, as my last 2 body scans & blood work have shown, it is doing exactly what I hoped it would do. It is not only amazing for your immune, lymphatic, & adrenal systems it benefits your hair, skin, & nails as well as wound healing. It is an integral part of my radical lifestyle change & I wouldn’t give it up for anything!

2 thoughts on “My 1 Year “Juiciversary”

    1. I use the Breville juice fountain. It is a centrifugal juicer meaning it quickly chops/minces the fruits and vegetables and in the process spins & captures the released juice. This was the best juicer I was willing to commit to a year ago. It runs around $150 I believe. I will upgrade eventually since I love juicing and it’s a permanent part of my life. When I do upgrade I will buy a cold press juicer. They are considerably more money but according to reviews I have read, very much worth the price. They crush and press the veggies/fruits to extract the juice. This is a much more efficient and healthier way to juice because it removes much more liquid and uses no heat. The centrifugal juicers (in the process of using quickly spinning blades) heats up the juice ever so slightly. There are theories that any added heat potentially kills the living enzymes in the juice. THANKS FOR COMMENTING Patrick ❤


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